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Who we are

We believe that the foundation of all economies and societies is the food and agriculture industry. Hodler Asset Management is the only private equity firm in the Central European region with dedicated focus on this sector.

We manage two private equity funds focused on the agriculture and food industry investments in Central Europe. We consider every aspect of the food value chain.


Our investments and our portfolio companies serve a broad range of customers and make an impact on society as well as the environment. Consequently, we do not invest in businesses engaged in activities that are detrimental to local or global communities, the environment or the economy. We also never partner with investors with unethical business behavior. With that in mind we follow compliance and business ethics standards, promote reduction of environmental footprint and help to develop beneficial partnerships among all our portfolio companies.


Gyulai Agrár

Gyulai Agrár Zrt. has 60 years of history and experience. Determinative agricultural company of it’s area, which provides a living for 90 employees.

Superior Foods

Superior Foods is one of the most important poultry slaughterhouses and processors in Serbia. The company, founded in 2014, operates in a fully integrated scheme.

Poultry Investment Group


Oprea Avicom

Oprea Avicom SRL is a dynamically developing company with 25 years of experience in the broiler industry: a family business built with a lot of work, dedication, perseverance and integrity.


The AVICOD S.A. is located in the middle of Romania, in Brasov county’s Codlea. It has three growing farms and owns a fully functional slaughterhouse.

Poultry Integration Farms

Through our company, Poultry Integration Farms srl., we purchased the assets of Sam Meat, Satu Mare, Romania. We are able to raise 7 million chickens per year at our 6 sites in the immediate vicinity of the Hungarian border.

Our Principal Values


We have gained our experience at reputable corporations, investment and advisory firms in the CE region and are investors on our own account in various fields, proving that we can achieve success at international scale.

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Group 134


We have established a flexible deal policy across deal types ranging from full equity through green field investments and leveraged buy-outs to recapitalization. Our equity contributions fall within the range of EUR 5 million to EUR 50 million, but we can draw in co-investors from our LPs or from a network of family offices we regularly work with to consume larger transactions. In general, our sweet spot is around EUR 5-15 million.

Long term owner mindset

We believe that value creation is more effective through control and our active involvement within the business. Although we generally prefer majority ownership, we invest in equal partnerships and also in minority positions with shareholders whose values and strategy are aligned with ours. We are not reliant on short term exit obligation, instead we are happy to formulate long lasting partnerships.

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We are convinced that in order to become a successful private equity investor in our focus sector, we need to address every aspect of our investments with curiosity and experimenting. This will lead to innovative solutions which is the foundation of value creation. In our investments, we seek to implement the most current technologies to allow the business to reach its full potential and we develop business models that are sustainable in the long run from an economic, social and environmental point of view. 

Talent Management

We contribute to our investments through various means such as providing access not only to capital but also to our deep industry network and our talent pool. We are certain that the lack of well-trained employee is a fundamental bottleneck of successful businesses in this industry. Therefore, we consistently develop a talent pool of next generation managers of our focus sector.

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The Team

Miklós Kerezsi

Chairman of the Board

Miklós Kerezsi is the chairman of the board of the Hodler Group and Hodler Asset Management, which were established to manage international agri-food investments.

Gyula Köbli

Chief Executive Officer

Gyula Köbli is the Chief Executive Officer of Hodler Asset Management and also member of the Board of Directors. He joined Hodler in June 2022.


Zoltán Verbó



Alpár kiss

Investment Director, CFO


Péter Magyar

Legal Director


Antónia Csiszár

Operations and Compliance Manager


Balázs Posch

Investment Director


Hunor Szép

Investment Analyst


Máté Bodnár

Investment Analyst


Ákos György

Investment Analyst


Dénes Barta

Executive Assistant


Júlia Hegyiné Szakonyi

Back Office Executive


Gabriella Ruttkay

Office manager


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