Antónia Csiszár – EN


Antónia Csiszár

Operations and Compliance Manager

As Head of Operations and Compliance, Antónia Csiszár and her 2 colleagues support Hodler Fund Management team from June 2022.

She completed her studies at College of Foreign Trade, University of Pécs and at ELTE Institute for Postgraduate Legal Studies, thus obtaining an MSc in economics with a legal degree, which was supplemented in 2021 with a Master of Real Estate Management degree at Corvinus University in Budapest. For nearly 20 years, she held various positions in Budapest Bank group owned by GE. She was responsible for sales support at the Budapest Fund Management Company, which operates as a subsidiary of the bank, and then held the position of Operations Manager in addition to the position of Compliance Manager for two periods.

Meanwhile, between 2007 and 2009, she worked as an internal auditor for the subsidiaries of the Bank, Budapest Auto Financing, Budapest Leasing and Budapest Fund Management Co .

She held similar positions at some smaller fund management companies, and then joined Diófa Fund Management team as a one-man internal auditor in 2018.

Mother of 3.